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January 2017 Newsletter from The Nutcracker Lady


Lothar Junghaenel Passes Away

Lothar Junghaenel and Son

We have received notice that Lothar Junghaenel, nutcracker maker from Mudau, Germany passed away in October 2016.  Many nutcracker lovers in the US collected his carvings.  This is a picture we took of Lothar and his son, Hanno, in 2014  (Pictured Above)

Lothar Junghaenel
Lothar Junghaenel celebrated 50 years of nutcracker making in 2000.  Here is the nutcracker that he carved of himself, in his green knitted cap, announcing this event. (Pictured Above)

Lothar carved many characters from Vikings to chimney sweeps and usually carving a mustache and using rabbit fur for the beard. (Pictured Above)

A few of his nutcrackers were placed on music box bases with Swiss movement.  (Pictured Above)

World War II Figures
Only in recent years Lothar began carving the whole face and most striking are these three well known World War II figures.  (Pictured Above)

Lothar was known for his figures of the Erzgebirge miners, depicting traditional uniforms that have been used for many years.  (Pictured Above)

Complete Band Representing Mine
Several complete bands were carved which represented various mines, and this band greets you as you enter the Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum. (Pictured Above)

Lothar’s son, Hanno, continues to make nutcrackers, turning them on the lathe.  He specializes in nutcrackers representing the various military units.   (Pictured Above)

Arlene Wagner, The Nutcracker Lady

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