Nutcracker Museum

Bavarian Leavenworth, Washington

Introduction to Special Nutcrackers

The museum displays many unique nutcrackers that have a story to tell.  It may be that they are made of unusual materials, show superb craftsmanship or come from an unlikely place.  It may be that they are one of a kind or considered very rare. It may be that they were designed by or for a special person.  It may be that they have a unique design or it may be that they crack the nut in a very different way.  We think these pieces are very special, and hope you enjoy reading about them, and seeing them in person the next time you visit the museum.    

This is a brand new and very exciting section... check back as we journey through this very "special" world of nutcrackers and we keep adding special nutcrackers.

What will the next one be?


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Nutcracker Museum Mission Statement:

"To foster and encourage the interest of the general public of the importance of nuts in the diets of humans throughout history and in the evolution of the nutcracker. No other tool or collectible has shown such a wide diversity of material and design as the implements used to crack the hard shell of a nut"

Museum Admission:

Adults  - $5.00  (Ages 17 - 64yrs)
Seniors - $3.50  (Age 65yrs +)
Youth   - $2.00  (Ages 6 - 16yrs)
Child    - FREE   (Ages 0 - 5yrs)
Active Military - FREE (Spouse & Children Free with ID)